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Slide Risk Analysis At NNK we provide a full range of Security Consultancy Services, Risk Analysis, Threat management and Solutions to support your BUSINESS or Social Activities. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements or any broader support that we can provide to you or your company and its operations in these hostile or difficult Times. Read More Slide About Us Founded by ex SAS veterans NNK Special Services Group is one of the few companies worldwide that has the knowhow and the experience to offer top level security services. Read More Slide 00_Training-In-Izola-Slovenia Tactical Training NNK instructors are all, military ex British SAS veterans.At NNK we are committed to providing thorough, comprehensive and professional training. CONCEPTS that are based on real life requirements. Above all ,our training is realistic, adhering to modern day high risk security requirements. Read More Slide Maritime Security Armed response teams. Highly trained and motivated ex special forces personnel. British SAS SBS and Royal Marines backgrounds. All with varying degrees of military and civilian high risk expertise against terrorist groups worldwide. Read More

Serving the Client

Serving you, the client, at the apex of our abilities is the heart of our company’s mission and the core of our business. Based on this philosophy, we have created a business model to redefine the essence of “client service”. Our entity’s open corporate architecture significantly enhances our entrepreneurial autonomy. This, in turn, increases the range of services and products, as well as their diversity, available to those we serve.

Our diversity allows for a variety of services not readily found in other security companies. We also thrive on tailoring our services to each client according to their individual needs, wants and expectations.

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John McAleese (Mac)

Founder of our company.

23 years service within the British Army,59 Independent Commando Squadron,Royal Engineers , 17 of which were with 22 SAS Regiment.

During his service with the SAS he planned and took part in many special operations in almost every part of the world.
Has planned and conducted anti terrorism operations for 7 years in Northern Ireland.

NNK Special Services Group! Serving Our Clients Is Our Mission.we Save Assets, As Well As We Protect & Save Lives.

Our Latest News

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Our Clients Is Our Mission.we Save Assets, As Well As We Protect & Save Lives.