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In recent years the world has had to come to terms with the increase .Of terrorist and criminal attacks. The threat presented is at its greatest in connection with Al-Qaeda. But other extremist groups have also resorted to terrorist tactics to publicise their political objectives. Some of these groups are concerned with domestic issues; others operate on the international stage.  Some Seek to target particular countries, organisations or individuals;  Others Are more indiscriminate in their targeting. It is important to keep the threat in perspective.

For most of you, terrorism and criminal acts will remain something that you hear about on the news.

Others however will find themselves caught up in some way with a terrorist or criminal incident. This might be through receiving a telephone threat that a bomb has been planted; being evacuated from an area in which police suspect the presence of a bomb or, for the unfortunate persons, being in the vicinity or personally involved in a terrorist or criminal incident.

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