High Risk Environment Operations
NNK Special Services Group! Serving Our Clients Is Our Mission. We save assets, as well as we protect & save lives.
NNK Special Services Group has the capacity and experience to provide a full spectrum of options to Diplomats, high profile executives and Multi national companies  operating in a High Risk Environment.
From a close protection team deployed in a combat zone to convoy escort in a remote and unforgiving location, high risk security is our expertise.
Our teams of SAS veterans had succesfully operated virtually in every country  and completed thousands of individual missions with the highest success rate
We can create and sustain a secured environment in the most hostile places in the world like Iraq and Afghanistan.
Our services in High Risk areas include:
Close Protection Services
Static Site Security
Remote or Hostile Location Surveys
Surveillance and Counter Measures
Asset Tracking and Recovery
Convoy Management and Escorts

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