Maritime Security Vessel Protection
NNK Special Services Group! Serving Our Clients Is Our Mission. We save assets, as well as we protect & save lives.

NNK Group offers a full range of yacht and commercial maritime security and anti piracy services.

From consultation to security plan implimentation.Real world professional and cost effective solutions from SAS veterans.

The Solution
The placement by shipping companies armed or unarmed security teams on board their vessels while navigating hostile sea areas.
Response Teams
Recruited and selected units of highly trained,experienced and motivated
ex British special forces personnel predominately from SAS and SBS.
All with high degrees of Military and Civilian High Risk experience against terrorist groups worldwide.
We offer advanced and proven but cost effective armed or unarmed Maritime Security, Vessel protection services with operational areas covering Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Red Sea.

Armed Security Teams 

NNK Group is one of the first security companies to fully comply with the new BIMCO Guardcon contract.

  • General liability insurance, 3rd party – USD 5 million
  • Professional indemnity insurance, USD 5 Million
  • Personal accident and illness, USD 250 000 per person
  • Valid licences for embarking and disembarking armed teams
  • Legal weapons, European and US origin.
  • All men with STCW95, ENG1, SSO, CRB check, Weapons training, Military/Navy special forces background.

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