High Risk Tactical Weapons Handling
NNK Special Services Group! Serving Our Clients Is Our Mission. We save assets, as well as we protect & save lives.

High Intensity Combat Shooting,Tactical Weapons Handling Courses.

These are Designed to Facilitate the Novice through to the Experienced Operator, who intend to work in High Risk/High Threat areas ,such as.. Iraq…S/America Afganistan…Africa…Far East.

Weapons you will become familiarized with, include  Glock,9mm Pistol,MP5,AK47,G3 and M4.

Subject Matter will Include.


Weapon Strip and Assembly

Stoppage Drills

Tactical Re Loads

Use of Holsters and Combat Slings

Weapon Carriage and Concealment

Combat Stance

Grip and Retention

Sighting Techniques

Trigger Control

Movement under Stress

Target Identification

Single and Multi Target Engagement

Instinctive Shooting

Firing from Alternative Positions

Close Quarter Battle Drills

Use of Cover

Injured Firer Drills

Weak Handed Drills

Weapon Transition Drills

Team Operation Scenarios

Vehicles and Explosives are Used Throughout all Courses to Provide a Realistic Training Environment

Customized Firearms Courses as per Customer Requirements.

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